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Planning a Ancient Greek theme event or a Toga party?

We have the best entertainment!


Take a trip to Ancient Greece with our living statues and our brialliant performers in an Ancient Greek show. Our themed events are the  perfect blend of walkabout and stage entertainment inspired by this extraordinary world.

We have a variety of favourite Greek characters who can perform as Living Statues at your event or if you fancy something more unusual and visual hire our fire dancers in ancient greek theme with spectacular fire props and pyrotechnics


Our stunning team of Greek Priestesses dressed in gorgeous white outfits and with their hair braided and decorated are deal to be stationed at the entrance of your venue. They can offer a warm welcome to your guests, show people their seats and interact with attendants in many other different ways.

On top of all that, our Greek Priestesses can also offer a dance show based in real mythology rituals. This stage performance will be the highlight of the event.


Greek Mythology themed events - VProject Entertainment Greece

Making your guests question whether they are real or not, our Ancient Living Statues look so much like old pieces of architecture that they regularly fool audiences.|

These human statues depict the beauty of architectural design and deliberately aim to create an optical illusion. They make a great choice for Ancient Greece themed for unsuspecting guests to be amazed by.



Our fire dancers perform impressive choreographies with a classic ancient Greek music. They can adapt their routines to suit your requirements and adapt to different performance spaces with a wide range of props with small, medium and larger fire, with complete control and no danger.

Performing both fully choreographed fire dance shows and also freestyle routines, our female fire performers deliver a visual spectacle that is mesmerizing to watch. Available in different lineups, these dancers can offer both group performances and also fire solo acts. They can customize their routines in order to suit your requirements and adapt to different performance spaces both indoors and outdoors.


Stiltwalkers for Hire - Greek Mythology themed events

Decorate Your Event With Sophisticated ‘Stilt Walkers’ in Ancient Greek costumes!

One of the most spectacular form of entertainment, stilt walking offers a whole host of exciting opportunities for bespoke costumes, audience engagement, mix and mingle entertainment, circus shows and more.

Engaging with guests and creating a memorable experience, stilt acts create an atmosphere of excitement and curiosity by incorporating elements of comedy, acrobatics, dance or mime in their performances. A fantastic act for adding height and interest to your event, this larger than life entertainment will tower over the heads of guests!


Offer guests at your upcoming event a warm and original welcome with our Traditional Greek Drummers. These experienced percussionists can be stationed at the entrance of your venue and welcome people with a big smile while they play their instruments with great enthusiasm.

The deep rhythm of their drums will make of theirs a stunning live drumming show that will leave lasting memories of your event.This roaming drumming act is the ultimate themed entertainment option for a wide range of events. Especially suitable for Greek theme parties. Our Traditional Greek Drummers can also perform a live music performance that will send shivers down anyone’s spine due to its intensity and beauty


Hire Led wing dancers for your Wedding - Vproject entertainment Greece

Our Led wing dancers with luxury costumes will make your event shine!!!
Get ahead of the trend and have Led Wing Dancers at your next Event. Show your guests something they have never seen before.

Whether you want an elegant glow show or high energy performance, our Led Dancers in Ancient Greek theme will leave the audience in amazement


Pyro - fire show - Themed Entertainment

Bring the fire of Mount Olympus to your event with our spectacular Fire Pyro- Show, a top quality production featuring artists who combine theatrical elements, contemporary dance and amazing pyrotechnics to create a phenomenal performance.

Guaranteed to leave your guests with lasting memories, this show makes for outstanding entertainment and a great finale.

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